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Iowa Creative Music offers quality, reasonably priced sheet music for students, teachers, amateurs, and professionals. The compositions include original works by Marc Irving Weber as well as some Public Domain works. 

Here you will find Bassoon sheet music for everyone, from beginning student to advanced musician. The Bassoon pieces are listed in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest, except for the easier folksongs which are alphabetical. Click on a title to view more details.

UntitledBassoon0 Marc Irving Weber--
Au Clair de la LuneBassoon1 -Solo
Au Clair de la Lune; with PianoBassoon2 Marc Irving WeberDuet
Baa, Baa Black SheepBassoon1 ---
Bobbie ShaftoeBassoon1 -Solo
I'm a Little TeapotBassoon1 -Solo
Lazy MaryBassoon1 -Solo
London Bridge Is Falling DownBassoon1 -Solo
Muffin ManBassoon1 -Solo
Sur le Pont d'AvignonBassoon1 -Solo
Twinkle, Twinkle Little StarBassoon1 -Solo
The Itsy Bitsy SpiderBassoon1 -Solo
The Itsy Bitsy Spider; DuetBassoon2 Marc Irving WeberDuet
The Ash GroveBassoon1 -Solo
Rock-a-Bye BabyBassoon1 -Solo
EdelweissBassoon1 -Solo
Marching to MixolydiaBassoon1 Marc Irving WeberSolo
Jaunty Little Six-FourBassoon1 Marc Irving WeberSolo
Lydian Stumble-FlatBassoon1 Marc Irving WeberSolo
F Versus GBassoon1 Marc Irving WeberSolo
Palindrome ShuffleBassoon1 Marc Irving WeberSolo
Irregular VampingBassoon1 Marc Irving WeberSolo

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